Since 1999 our experience in abrasive waterjet cutting has been unsurpassed. Our customers understand that we will cater to their specific needs and work with them to ensure what they ask for is what they get. Regardless of the size of the company, our commitment to prompt quoting, competitive pricing and producing the highest quality of products has given us a reputation we are proud of and that we continue to measure ourselves by.

We specialize in following waterjet cutting applications


High-pressure water jet cutting systems are the ideal solution for the aerospace industry. Waterjet cutting systems can machine any known material including composite, laminates, plastics, rubbers, castings, forging, aluminum, stainless steels, hardened or tool steel, exotic alloys, heat-sensitive materials, synthetics that may release harmful vapors when cut using other methods, and most assuredly any future materials that technology could require and produce.  Water jet cutting is so versatile there’s no doubt that the process will be suitable for use on any future materials that technology could require and produce. Most impressively, the water jet machines do this all without affecting the material properties or the temper. This absence of heat in ultra-high pressure UHP waterjet machining is perfect for aerospace applications. Water jet cutting of aluminum and hard materials like alumina ceramic is also possible. Cutting Edge has successfully processed materials approaching 9.9 MOHS in hardness. Specialized aerospace materials like titanium, magnesium, composites, laminates, and aluminum are common for aerospace water jet cutting.

Machine Shops

Allow the water jet machines to save your tooling by profiling or hogging out your shapes with no heat-affected zone. Once again, the hazard of machining materials that produce harmful vapors can be removed from your shop. Water jet metal cutting of pre-hardened materials will eliminate secondary machining, heat treating and stress relieving operations. Eliminate cleanup and secondary operations from laser, flame-cut or plasma cut parts by abrasive waterjet cutting parts to size. Cutting Edge Water Jet Services understands the bottom-line impact of material costs for machine shop waterjet applications. Tight nesting to minimize material waste is a must. Machine Shops often ask about the comparisons between laser, torch, EDM versus abrasive water jet cutting.

Signage, Architectural and Decorative Applications

Architectural and signage design firms can benefit from our waterjet cutting services, which are quick, accurate, and versatile enough to cut through any material. Whatever your design team can conceive, the waterjet can cut. Our waterjets are capable of cutting any material in any contour with beautiful results. All we need is a CAD file to get started. Whatever your signage needs, you can rest easy knowing that our waterjet cutting service will reproduce the image with complete accuracy. Signs, logos, fonts, intricate cuts and curves…all of it will be cut to perfection. Our waterjets are capable of cutting materials for both indoor and outdoor applications, including marble, granite, tile, Corian, ornamental iron, brass, brushed or polished stainless steel. No matter what material you choose, your customers will be impressed with the finished product. We accept emailed .dxt or .dwg artwork files from signage design firms and can often have the artwork ready for cutting in minutes.

Metal Stamping, Tool and Die Makers

Stamping short runs or prototypes can be costly for tool and die makers who rely on traditional methods. This is in addition to the extensive amount of time it takes to create and manufacture the dies themselves. Stamping houses can realize significant cost and time-savings by using waterjet cutting services to eliminate tooling costs and reduce the time that it takes to process short run items. Even pre-hard or difficult to stamp materials are no problem for abrasive waterjet cutting. Tool and die makers typically use wire EDM to produce stripper plates, which can also be time-consuming, and thus expensive. Precision waterjet cutting services can, again, save time and money in this application.

Torched or Burned Parts

Have a material that cannot be burned, is too thick, or thin? Abrasive waterjet cutting is the answer. Cutting Edge Water Jet Service of South Beloit IL can cut foils from .001″ thickness to steels nearly 20″ thick. Abrasive water jet cutting will eliminate the need for machining stock or slag caused by heat processes like laser, flame-cut or plasma cut parts. Near net shapes can be created to allow for a single milling finish pass.

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