Water jet metal cutting at Cutting Edge Water Jet Service (CEWJS) is the most versatile and reliable method for cutting metals like steel, titanium, brass, and aluminum. Able to cut thicker metals than a laser cutter, water jet metal cutters also cut with greater precision than a plasma cutter. This results in clean, burr-free cuts that reduce secondary finishing time, improving productivity and boosting profit margins.

Applications And Industries

Since water jet cutting is a cold process, it is invaluable in industries where the metal cannot be affected by heat. Automotive, medical, and aerospace industries all rely on this form of metal cutting as do sign and machine shops, metal stampers, tool and die makers. Any industry that needs high-quality metal cutting with minimal secondary processing requirements can benefit from our water jet metal cutting services.

The Advantages Of Water Jet Metal Cutting

One reason why so many industries rely on water jet metal cutting is because it is so versatile. Cuts of all shapes and sizes are possible from simple shapes to drilled holes to intricate detailing. Additional advantages of water jet metal cutting are:

  • No heat deformation or thermal damage
  • No mechanical stress or changes to the metal structure
  • No hazardous fumes
  • No need to drill pilot holes
  • Very narrow kerf reduces waste and allows for greater detailing
  • Reduced need for secondary operations
  • Burr-free, smooth surface
  • Able to cut through many types and thicknesses of metals
  • Detailed part cutting is possible
  • Environmentally friendly

Contact Cutting Edge Water Jet Service For Water Jet Metal Cutting In Rockford

Cutting Edge Water Jet Service offers water jet metal cutting for a range of applications and industries in the Midwest. We have a total of eight cutting heads capable of 60,000 or 90,000 psi for just about any job imaginable and can cut metals up to 20″ thick.

Contact us to find out how we can help you improve your processes and your profit margins by calling 815-389-0100 or emailing sales@cuttingedgewaterjet.com.