Waterjet cutting systems are an ideal solution for creating intricate parts in a quick and cost-efficient manner. The systems are widely used across the equipment, manufacturing, machine, and tooling industries for both parts production and prototype development.

The waterjet cutting systems at Cutting Edge Water Jet Service (CEWJS) combine high-pressure water with an abrasive agent to cut two-dimensional shapes from many different kinds of materials. This process delivers fast, clean cuts that require little to no secondary finishing. This provides both time and money-saving benefits that reduce overall production costs.

How Waterjet Cutting Systems Work

Waterjet cutting systems use a narrow, focused jet of water that is mixed with abrasive particles. The jet is under very high pressure (60,000-90,000 psi), which creates an extremely powerful stream that can cut through just about any material. Waterjet cutting is similar to laser cutting without the burring or thermal stress that is common with laser cuts.

Since the systems use water to work, there are no chemicals involved, they do not give off toxic fumes, produce hazardous waste, or create excessive heat. This is especially important when working with certain materials that cannot withstand the stressors involved with thermal processes.

Computer programming provides tight nesting. This maximizes materials usage and limits waste, adding to this process’ reputation as a green technology, and supporting users profit margins.

The Benefits Of Waterjet Cutting

  • Waterjet cutting is an environmentally-friendly production method that:
  • Is highly accurate, even after many repeated cuts.
  • Provides a quick turnaround time.
  • Is cost-effective compared to other machining processes.
  • Is effective for both short and long-runs.
  • Reduces secondary operations.
  • Does not create heat, making it suitable for heat-sensitive materials.
  • Requires minimal tooling when switching between parts runs.
  • Provides stress-free cutting and excellent edge quality.
  • Can be used on delicate, heat-sensitive, and/or very hard materials.

Cutting Edge Water Jet Service Offers Full-Service Waterjet Cutting

Cutting Edge Water Jet Service can help you improve your bottom line by increasing your outputs and decreasing your waste. Our waterjet cutting systems and services are backed by the support and expertise of a full processing team. Take your concept and turn it into reality with help from our designers, engineers, tool and die makers, and machine operators.

To discuss your project needs or obtain a quote, contact Cutting Edge Water Jet Service today at 815-389-0100 or sales@cuttingedgewaterjet.com.